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Uniform Policy


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Lands’ End school Preferred School Code is #900089020 (Williams receives 3% back on each purchase)

Both Boys & Girls Uniforms:

• White or light blue, long or short sleeved, polo shirt or turtleneck
• White or navy blue socks
• Navy blue sweater, vest or sweatshirt – Plain navy or Williams logo only
• Sweatshirts may be worn inside or outside. If it is sweatshirt material - it must be navy blue.
• Shoes should be 95% white, black, gray or navy blue
• Shoes may not be platforms, contain lights, or contain wheels
• Character style shoes or shoes with chains, charms or colored laces are not in uniform.
• MARY JANE-style shoes or MARY JANE-style “Sneakers” are not in uniform.

Boys Uniforms:

• Navy blue uniform material slacks or shorts
• Long or short sleeved blue, striped, button-down dress shirt

Girls Uniforms:

• Navy blue uniform material slacks, shorts, jumper, skirt, or “skort” (Skirt-Short)
• Light blue pin feather shorts, jumper, or skirt
• Williams Plaid shorts, jumper, or skirt
• Navy or white tights

Please DO NOT send your child to school wearing:

• T-shirts
• Oversized clothing (Please ensure clothing is proper fitting)
• Cargo pants or shorts (e.g. garments with extra side pockets or multiple pockets)
• Sweatshirts that are not navy or have logos other than the Williamslogo
• Jackets from various professional sports teams (e.g. Raiders, 49ers, Sharks, Warriors, etc.)
• Jewelry is not permitted - other than watches or stud earrings
• Sweatpants*, stretch pants or leggings with lace or fishnet style leg stockings
• *Sweats should not be worn as part of a boy scout or girl scout uniform

If you have questions on whether an item meets our uniform policy, please bring the item to office for approval prior to wearing. Students arriving at school with nonuniform items will be sent to the office and parents will be called to bring the correct uniform item.

* Last Revision 11-2016